December 19, 2023

Introducing Chamber: A New Value-Based Care Solution for Cardiologists

by Chamber Cardio Team

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Despite the many benefits value-based care offers to both patients and providers, less than 15% of cardiologists have transitioned to VBC contracts. 

Chamber is here to partner with cardiology practices by introducing a pioneering, technology-enabled delivery platform that supports cardiologists in their transition to a value-based care model. 

Co-founded by George Aloth, a former BCBS health plan President & CEO and kidney care VBC executive, Dr. Sameer Sheth, a cardiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, and Dr. Jeff De Flavio, Co-Founder of Pearl Health and founding CEO of Groups Recover Together, Chamber is positioned as the go-to solution for cardiologists committed to improving outcomes and growing their practice.

Built By Cardiologists, for Cardiologists 

Inefficient care models are not just costly for payers and providers, but they also increase risk for patients. Those risks are especially pronounced in cardiology, where chronic diseases like heart failure and coronary artery disease can lead to multiple ER visits and hospitalizations.

"As a practicing cardiologist, I've both experienced and witnessed the challenges faced within practices,” shared Co-Founder and President, Dr. Sameer Sheth. “Chamber is our response to these challenges. It's a platform built by cardiologists, for cardiologists, empowering us to deliver the best care possible while fostering collaboration and innovation in our field."

By equipping cardiologists with analytics and insights that incentivize behavioral change, Chamber aims to foster long-term improvements in both the quality and efficiency of patient care. 

Real-Time Insights with Evidence-Based Applications

Cardiovascular disease is one of the costliest conditions, with over $400 billion spent annually, while it’s estimated that 30% of these costs are avoidable. The lack of improvement in quality or bending of the cost curve for the population of patients with cardiovascular disease leaves all stakeholders - patients, cardiologists, and payers - frustrated.

Chamber tackles this problem head-on with a suite of tools specifically designed to meet the needs of cardiologists as they transition to value-based care. The platform offers real-time data, evidence-based guidelines, and contracting support, so cardiologists can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time caring for patients. 

These tools integrate seamlessly into the practice’s electronic medical records, streamlining workflows and reducing the learning curve for practice staff. 

Additionally, Chamber provides a dedicated care team that acts as an extension of the practices, facilitating the implementation of value-based contracts and supporting practices in their care coordination.

"Chamber is not just a platform; it's our vision to transform cardiology care,” explained Co-Founder & CEO George Aloth. “Our goal is to provide unparalleled support to cardiologists in their transition to value-based care, putting them in control of their practice while offering patients the best experience, ultimately improving health outcomes for heart disease."

A Network of Support

As a customizable solution for cardiology practices, support is now accessible through Chamber’s commitment to offering care teams and local physician networking opportunities.

As a part of Chamber’s network, cardiologists are able to connect with new PCPs for patient referrals. With this new model of care, cardiology practices are now connected to an even larger physician community and are supported in their practice contracting and operations. 

With Chamber’s care team, practices now have valuable support for their daily operations and can continue to provide quality care with additional time to spend with their patients.  

Partner with Chamber to Shape the Future of Cardiology

Chamber is poised to make a dramatic impact on both cardiology practices and health plans. By making the transition to value-based care more accessible, Chamber empowers cardiologists to provide top-quality care, increasing revenue potential for practices and substantially lowering health plan costs.

To learn more about the Chamber platform and find out how you can partner with us to transform the current cardiology landscape, please reach out to our team. 

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